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Get It Out'cha System
Künstler: Millie Jackson
Format: LP
Label: Spring
Katalog: 2391 356
Jahr: 1978
Stil: Soul
Kaufdatum: 09.01.09
Kaufpreis: 2,40 €
Quelle: E-Bay
Zustand (?):VG (Very Good)
digitalisiert: nein
Wertung:2 von 5
Signatur: MJ78GOS


No. Titel Interpret Written by
Play Songfacts.com 1 Go Out and Get Some (Get It Out 'Cha System) Millie Jackson Millie Jackson, Randy Klein
Play Songfacts.com 2 Keep the Home Fire Burnin' Millie Jackson Steve Alaimo, Benny Latimore
Play Songfacts.com 3 Logs and Thangs Millie Jackson Millie Jackson, Benny Latimore
Play Songfacts.com 4 Put Something Down on It Millie Jackson Bobby Womack, Cecil Womack
Play Songfacts.com 5 Here You Come Again Millie Jackson Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil
Play Songfacts.com 6 Why Say You're Sorry Millie Jackson Millie Jackson, Brad Shapiro
Play Songfacts.com 7 He Wants to Hear the Words Millie Jackson Kenny Hirsch, Kathy Wakefield
Play Songfacts.com 8 I Just Wanna Be With You Millie Jackson Millie Jackson, Brad Shapiro
Play Songfacts.com 9 Sweet Music Man Millie Jackson Kenny Rogers