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2nd Time Around
Künstler: The Spinners
Format: LP
Label: VIP
Katalog: 405 DJ
Jahr: 1970
Stil: Philly Soul
Kaufdatum: 19.12.09
Kaufpreis: 18,20 €
Quelle: E-Bay
Zustand (?):VG+ (Very Good Plus)
digitalisiert: ja
Wertung:3 von 5
Signatur: S70STA


No. Titel Interpret Written by
Play Songfacts.com 1 It's a Shame The Spinners Lee Garrett, Stevie Wonder, Syreeta Wright
Play Songfacts.com 2 I've Got to Find Myself a Brand New Baby The Spinners Johnny Bristol, Suzanne de Passe, Harvey Fuqua, M. Johnson
Play Songfacts.com 3 Together We Can Make Such Sweet Music The Spinners Martin Coleman, Richard Dropkin
Play Songfacts.com 4 Bad, Bad Weather (Till You Come Home) The Spinners Lawrence Brown, George Gordy, Allen Story
Play Songfacts.com 5 Pay Them No Mind The Spinners R. Ahlert, B.J. Scott
Play Songfacts.com 6 My Lady Love The Spinners Harvey Fuqua, Alan Roy Scott, V. Williams
Play Songfacts.com 7 Souly Ghost The Spinners Lawrence Brown, George Gordy, Allen Story
Play Songfacts.com 8 O-o-h Child The Spinners Stan Vincent
Play Songfacts.com 9 In My Diary The Spinners Michael Graham, Mark Silverman
Play Songfacts.com 10 My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me) The Spinners Johnny Bristol, Harvey Fuqua, Jimmy Roach, Pam Sawyer
Play Songfacts.com 11 (She's Gonna Love Me) At Sundown The Spinners R. Gordy, T. Kemp
Play Songfacts.com 12 Can Sing a Rainbow/Love Is Blue The Spinners Bill Blackburn, A. Hamilton, Pierre Lemaire, Andre Popp